Olive Oil & Balsamic Gift Set - 3 pack

The California Olive

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Pick three 250 ml bottles from the list to make a great gift or personal sampler. 
Two bottles of Olive Oil and one bottle of Balsamic Vinegar.


Meyer Lemon Olive Oil: Transform your cooking when you drizzle this over corkscrew pasta, grilled chicken or fish, and pair it with our White Balsamic Vinegar for and outsanding salad dressing or the Serrano Chile Honey Balsamic for a kicked up dressing or scallop marinade.

Italian Blend EVOO: Let your senses be ignited with the frantoio varietal strong fruitiness, robust bitterness and pungency for a welcomed peppery finish. The Leccino varietal adding a smooth, rich, almost sweet layer for the perfect balance and harmony. Try it on salmon, meat grilled vegetables, hot bruschetta and pasta dishes.


18 Year Aged Balsamic of Modena: The true artisan quality product from centuries old recipes. The vinegar is aged in small barrels under the traditional methods with srict controls. It reaches a perfect balance of aroma and flavor when fully mature. Dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses.

18 Year Aged White Balsamic of Modena: Our delicious white balsamic treat that features a sweet, smooth taste, and a thick consistency. Perfect for lighter-colored glazes and sauces or simply drizzled over fresh fruit in the Spring and Summer months.

The California Olive, Temecula, CA.